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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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don't forget to start your day with "fox and friends" first. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> that information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100% correct. >> some interesting benghazi revelations over the weekend. why should americans care about the story? is it important to our lives? the ape is yes. we will explain. >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. >> is christianity in the movies making a come back? we will see this week with a new film about jesus. it's new film mark burnett will be here. >> i am not trying to abuse the system in any way. >> also tonight, there is plenty of welfare available to guys like jason the surfer dude.
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jesse watters on the day in the life of a food stamps guy. >> taking what's available caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. some new stuff about benghazi, libya, that pertains directly to you. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you believe the left in this country as well as hillary clinton. the assassination of u.n. ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans is an old story. everyone knows security was bad. mrs. clinton has taken responsibility for that but what everybody does not know is why the white house mislead the world about the terror attack. that question remains unanswered. if the president and his re-election campaign did deceive the american voters, that is a subversion of our
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democracy. but that's a big if. nothing has been proven so far. benghazi story is similar to watergate. that's why we should be paying attention. the stupid burglary was small ball but richard nixon's attempt to subverdict the democratic process was huge and got him booted out of office. now, for all you far left web sites out there. i am not, not comparing nixon to president obama. i am however saying we need to get to the bottom of the benghazi story. are we all clear? over the weekend the woman who did mislead the world, former u.n. ambassador susan rice, said this about the benghazi attack. >> i commented that this was based on what we knew on that morning was provided to me and colleagues and indeed to congress by the intelligence community. that's been well-validated in many different ways since. and that information turned out, in some respects, not
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to be 100% correct. >> an understatement to be sure. upon hearing ambassador rice senator john mccain replied. >> she read talking points that we are now beginning to believe came from the white house which were absolutely false. we now know that the director -- that the cia station chief on the ground september a message not slash not spontaneous demonstration. >> mr. obama supporters would you have believe the whole thing is cooked up by right-wing people that despise the president. that, of course is propaganda. as an american, not a broadcaster, as an american, i want to know what happened. so i asked the with the directly. >> did he tell you secretary panetta was it a terrorist attack. >> you know what he told me there was an attack on our compound. >> he didn't use the word terror. >> in the heat of the moment, are
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focused on is what is happening on the ground. do we have eyes on it. how can we make sure our folks are safe. >> i want to get this on the record. did he tell you it was a terror attack. >> and i'm answering your question. >> but the question really did not answer my question with all due respect. so leon panetta, former secretary of defense, must testify under oath whether or not he told president obama it was a terrorist attack on the day the murders happened. panetta met with mr. obama in the white house shortly after the attack. incredibly, leann panetta has not been directly asked that question under oath. and the house of representatives should do so. 'net that is the key to knowing if the obama campaign and president himself used deception in the murder of our libyan ambassador. every patriotic american should want to know what happened there. and that's the memo.
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now for the top story tonight. reaction fox news analyst karl rove. now both you and i know leon panetta. i think is he a patriot and you do, too, correct? >> yes, absolutely. >> we think he is a patriot. >> yes. >> we know he was told by the command in africa. >> general carter ham who is at the pentagon that day. >> right. ham testified under oath that he told panetta that day that it was a terrorist attack. then, as soon as he was briefed. panetta went to the white house to talk to president obama. >> for regularly scheduled meeting accompanied by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey. >> you saw when i asked the president how he danced. all right? >> right. >> so, right now the american people we can solve this by leon panetta coming in, raising his right hand under oath and answering, perhaps the simplest political question there is. am i wrong? >> well, look, i think he has already answered that question. in february of last year, he testified in front of the senate armed services
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committee and -- said to him was this a demonstration? you were briefed by ham and what was your reaction? >> it was not a demonstration, quote, there was no question in my mind it was a terrorist attack. that's what he was thinking before he went to the white house. >> we don't know if he told that to the president. >> shear is why they don't want him to testify and why he may not want to testify. because we are now getting to the question of what did you tell the president? and that's going to be a high bar to get a member of the president's cabinet to tell what they said inside the white house as part of the decision-making process. but i think he clearly indicated in his response to him. >> but you can't convict on that without it being -- you just can't. so you -- you are implying here that if the house committee investigating this, calls panetta that the president will use executive privilege to block. >> to block. >> but then it becomes huge. >> well, you know what? that's why he doesn't want to get to that point. >> but he is going to have to get to that point. >> his attitude would be i'm willing to take the battle.
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the better strategy is to not focus on getting panetta up there but getting mike morell former deputy chief of the cia to testify. we know this. at the beginning of this process i thought mike morrell was good guy in. this is he a bad actor. we now know on the 12th of september, the assistant secretary of state beth jones says this was a terrorist attack. we know that on the 13th, there is a secure video conference led by morrell with the station, the cia station chief in libya and others in which they clearly tell him this with s. a terrorist attack. now, we need to know who participated in that. all of what they said and it needs to be added to the record. and we need to know morrell's reaction to it. >> why morrell then scrubbed that. >> we now know on saturday night and sunday. excuse me, friday night and saturday, he is he working he is the guy weakening the points. >> that is important. not the level of panetta.
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>> here is the deal. i think you are wrong about that panetta is is the icing on the cake that is he yes, i told the president terrorism. mike morrell is going to be the guy weakening it because the political people in the white house tell him to. remember, there is a 9:54 p.m. email. >> you need to go back and read all the president's men because this story -- >> -- hell, i lived through it it. >> no, you need to read the book. because you are not going to imindicate the president of the united states unless you have someone telling him eye to eye, face-to-face it was a terrorist attack. >> that's going to happen. >> panetta is the man -- >> -- the question is though who inside the white house told morrell and that's important question. >> who inside the white house american people. saturday afternoon that her staff is in communication national security people. >> mr. rove, all of that is important but it doesn't rise to the presidency if president obama was told by
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leon panetta it was a terrorist attack and then sat back. while susan rice went out and told the world that it wasn't,. >> that's an act of omission. i think it's worse than that inside the white house somebody said we have got to avoid labeling this a terrorist attack so the. >> going to be hard to proofer that. >> the political guys on the national security staff have got to brief susan rice and tell her it's a lie and get mike morrell who remember who has now been rewarded with a plumb job consulting firm of hillary clinton's. we have got to get mike morrell weaken these points that a way to go. weaken the points blame it on the fbi. >> walk and chew gum at the same time. get them both in there karl rove, everybody. next on the rundown, what is the biggest evil in america right now? we will give you our opinion on that. later, watters with the surfer good on food stamps. have you got to see this report. the factor will be right back. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel.
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fact for follow-up segment tonight on saturday evening. miller and i were in san diego for the boltedder fresher show. interesting question from the audience. he asked me what do i think is the biggest evil in america right now? i told him apathy driven by internet indulgence. that is millions of americans are escaping from the real world by creating their own net world and things that should matter do not matter to them. they simply don't care much about their country, about personal responsibility. about helping others. it's all about them and their machines. now, a recent study by the centers for behavioral and preventative medicine looked at almost 500 female college freshman it concluded the average time spent on social media nearly 12 hours a day. that's the average. intense social media is harming those women in academic and social
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indeference. joining us now from washington, big booster of the net, mary katharine ham. so. >> hey there, bill. >> here is yet another study added to a to be -- ton of others. that say the overuse, the reliance, the addiction, whatever you want to call it is creating people who are flawed. let's use that word. you say? >> first let's point out presumably someone found that interesting academic study by an internet search and not cold calling a bunch of academics which is what you would have to do 20 years ago and waiting for hard cope to show up on your doorstep to disseminate. you may put a link to it on bill o'reilly so that more people can find out this information. we he should not discount that that in and of itself is revolutionary and allows people to inform themselves in ways they were never able to before. i do not want to go back to the days when there was a posit of sources to get information when there were
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three networks and a couple of newspapers. if that makes me a booster of the internet while acknowledging that abuse can be a problem. >> you are glossing over the abuse can be a problem business. >> no, i'm not glossing over it. >> legitimate points and everybody, i think, agrees that the amount of information that you can access through the machines is a very very good thing for the world. but what's happening to younger people particularly under the age of 3 a is they are becoming reliant for their whole life, okay. and the study after study after study says once this takes over. the pew study, this is fascinating. one in three american teenagers sends between 100 -- sends 100 text messages a day, 3,000 text messages a month.
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33% and growing. children, this is their whole world. they are not learning about the real world. because they prefer to do this and that means they are apathetic about important things surely if you polled those same students they would find they play soccer and go out with their friends. >> not as much as they used to. not as much as when soccer and their friends were their primary source of socialization. if you look at the little leagues. if you look at everything, it is shrinking. >> to me that discounts the power of the internet to make your life richer and easier and a thousand ways that allows you to be able to engage in those other opportunities the issue for me is don't yell about the machines. it's about personal responsibility which you are arguing as well. taking personal responsibility for what you are consuming. entire books written about how do you that whenever you
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new technology comes along, there are critics who say this is going to make us stupid. tv is going to make us stupid. >> not living in the real world here. >> this is real history that happened. little people can't handle books. cable news will make us silly and look for confirmation by us. these problems are human problems. and there are ways to deal with them. you have to face the fact that the technology is helpful and then deal with that. >> there are no ways to deal with them. it's too powerful. this is too powerful. >> what is your proposition then? what is your proposal for how to deal with it? >> you can't deal with it. once the child becomes addicted to the machine it's over. take the machine away -- what about good parenting as antidote? >> no, what's going to happen in this country. >> that doesn't exist? >> next 10 to 20 years. we are going to become a dumber nation, a softer nation physically because we
8:18 pm
won't be out doing vigorous things and incurious nation. and an apathetic nation. >> i don't disagree with you that there is a problem. i might disagree with you about the level of the problem. >> enormous problem. enormous. >> i also think the internet can be harnessed to solve that problem and is a thousand ways every day. >> voting participation has gone up in the last 20 years. 70% of people say they look for information on line about civic actions according to pew studies. >> all right. >> 66% -- civic action. >> we just disagree. we just disagree. there is no way to prove what i'm saying but i want everybody to hear it i'm paul revere once again spark revolution or watching dominoes come to your house on time the internet is a great thing. >> yea -- gay professional athletes will they be taunted unmercifulfully during the games?
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impact segment tonight. currently there are two high profile gay men playing spores at a very high level. brooklyn nets assigned forward jason collins openly gay and university of missouri michael sam will soon be drafted by the national football league. he came out as gay earlier this year. the question is taunting. will gay athletes be subjected to a barrage of it? joining us now from los angeles jim gray from los angeles who interviewed collins. if you watch jackie robinson movie. you saw robinson a true american hero get hammered with taunts, almost ruined his life. do you expect the same thing
8:23 pm
to happen to gay athletes? i really don't bill. society is much different now than it was in the 50s people now are much more tolerant. they won't get near those type of taunts. they will get taunts but only based on performance on the field. i don't think it's going to be about their sexuality. sure you will get people drunk and out of control but the people around them now, politically correct society we live, in they will reign them. in i think they are really going to get it ton 00 internet on twitter and things of those nature but not in the stands. >> you think the sports crowds, the fans themselves will police the jerks who attack these guys. they will be attacked. they will be taunted and terrible things said to them. if you are right and fans around these people because they are usually cowards who do this shut them down, then maybe. i fear for these gees, i do.
8:24 pm
we saw this oklahoma city marcus smart incident last week. still haven't gotten to the bottom of that smart says it was racially motivated. a guy made a racial comment. smart went into the stands and there it is. there is a push. but i have been to a lot of sporting events. i'm a sports kind of guy. i think it's vial. most vial disgusting stuff levels at the players. i just fear for these gay guys, i really do. >> you are right. the vial stuff you hear is performance based. you stink, you are a bum. that can go to peyton manning to brady to kobe bryant. i rarely if ever hear racial taunts. i don't think there are going to be gay taunts either. i don't think that's going to happen. >> that's so explosive that there could be violence when
8:25 pm
that happens. so, maybe -- you know, you might be right here. i am changing my opinion. first when i said this i said oh my god these guys are going to be. it's harder at a basketball game football they can't hear them. the football players can't hear the taunts generally speaking. they can hear them when they come in and out of the tunnel. on the field. there is a lot of noise. people are far away. but in basketball, you are right on the court. everybody can hear everything. level of decency here in america that people have to impose on themselves when they go to sporting events. we have got to stop this drinking business. you know, these people have to be ejected as soon as they get out of control. the security and the cops have to be on there. you can't have kids. let me ask you. this obscenities in the arenas, come on, you know all the time there is kids in there and f.u. all day long. am i wrong? >> it's ridiculous, bill,
8:26 pm
you are exactly right there. is a decency but people do lose their decency when they are cheering for their team and start spewing out these things. buying a ticket for the game does not give you a license to act like an i had idiot or become moron or like this fan did to the marcus smart this guy nameddor. he pushed him he said you are a piece of crap. what fan would get into a young man's face and say that. the fans have to reign themselves. in bill, i think your fear is right but i think it's on the internet. the internet is vicious. if i was these guys i would avoid twitter. >> stay out. >> because then you can really be a coward and sit in your basement and too all this stuff. drives me crazy. >> that's correct. >> the obscenity level at the sporting events has reached i think critical mass. the teams have got to start to deal with it across the board. jim, thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg why americans don't care much about foreign news even when it is explosive like ukraine
8:27 pm
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8:31 pm
>> our father in heaven feeds the birds of the air. how much more will he give to you. [gasps] >> put god first and everything else will follow. you hunger for righteousness, you will be filled. >> with us now the man who produced that film mark burnett. i have a book "killing jesus" we have a film that will be out easter season next year. my book is just history. jesus being caught up in tremendous power struggle between the romans and people in judeo. you and your wife row that downing roma downing say to
8:32 pm
the movie goer is he god. >> absolutely. our movie starts at revelation john old man looking back. first words we will hear on the movie screens friday when it comes out in the beginning was the word. the word was with god and the word was god. and we know that the word was gee, you can transpose that and say jesus is god. >> why are you doing that? you can do it another way. you could do it another way. can you say look, but you are almost evangelizing in the movie. >> we are. we are. you know this very well. we are probably the noisest christians in hollywood. and no way we are going to not say what is true that jesus is god. in our belief. >> okay. so the goal of the movie is not only entertain but to persuade and maybe even convert? >> absolutely. this movie will be huge for years. the last movie on the life of jesus was done with 65. so it was 49 years ago.
8:33 pm
and so this comes around every few decades. >> greatest story ever told. >> that's correct. >> but gibson did the jesus movie from the angle of his execution. all right. so, how are you. burnett, survivor guy. does all the reality shows. whatever it is how are you then greeted by the seq. could secular hollywood be told about what to believe? >> we have been so welcomed. >> tell me the truth now. >> i know you really well. >> are you going to george clooney's house? are you schmoozing with these people? >> we know a lot of people in hollywood. you know that. >> yes. >> and we are very authentic with our faith and we love everybody and nice to everybody. we get along with everybody. >> do you socialize with them or are you you shunned? no we socialize. i don't know george clooney but we socialize with a lot
8:34 pm
of people. people respect each other's faith. >> when do you socialize with the heedness out there, do you say hey maybe you don't want to be heathenness and check this out. >> we hope people will find jesus through our movie. we make that clear. >> you north going around like some groups and proselytizing in the streets. >> we have not become bible sales people. that may be next. >> if you do become bible sales people i don't want to see you but you can send roma to my house. she can come. now, the movie is partially based on television series that last year. what's the delineation? >> based on john, open with john looking back and it's really a focus on the gospel of john. and it really is much like your upcoming movie. a political thriller in the way, as they get closer to
8:35 pm
jerusalem. >> and so it's really a political thriller. follow in love with jesus so much you really and we found audit yons hope saw a change hoping it does. without the crucifixion and resurrection there wouldn't be 2.2 -- i include you on that. >> the movie opens friday. we appreciate you coming on. in god, tell you about the benefit that megyn kelly, ryan kilmeade and i are doing for the schools of long island. be on the campus of cw post college. april 3rd, raising money for fine schools. going to be a great show. going to be a wild show. we have info for you on bill o' or ticket master. when you come right back, bernie goldberg on why americans are not real interested in what's happening overseas unless we are directly involved. watters with the surfer dude on food stamps. believe me, you do not, do not want to miss this report moments away. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yours.
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thanks for staying with us bill o'reilly. foreign news. americans don't consume a lot of it. this week there are two huge stories. president of ukraine has been overthrown because that country is destitute and under the heel of russia. folks rose up. the puppet president
8:40 pm
resigned and new regime has taken over there. putin, however, may intervene so this is a big story. in venezuela, there is chaos all over the place because the socialistic government there cannot control crime or the economy. no surprise. that's what happens at most socialistic countries. so far at least 13 people have been killed in the venezuelan riots. joining us now from miami the purveyor of bernard i'm taking a risk. a ratings risk. even doing this story. giving a topic. ukraine, how do we care about that? how do you answer. >> first of all, if my email was any indication, they hate me and you equally. >> that's another subject all together. ask ourselves a key question when we ask a news story and that is how does it effect me? we know how obamacare
8:41 pm
effects us. we know how taxes effect us. we don't know how ukraine effects us. and we will watch the video because we like shiny objects so as long as there is fire in the shot or people getting their heads beaten in. we will watch it but we don't really care about the details. that's number one. i have three reasons. reason number 2. complex foreign stories don't really lend themselves to the fun debate format that television news has made so popular. so a confrontation between a liberal professor from yale and a conservative from a think tank in washington isn't exactly bill o'reilly versus barney frank. it just doesn't cut it. and the third reason is the most important because it encompasses all of the reasons. and that is foreign news by and large just isn't entertaining enough for us. and it's really as simple as
8:42 pm
that we like easy-to-follow story lines and complex stories from eastern europe or asia or south america they don't amuse us the way we like to be amused. >> unless american troops are involved or aville van. >> i even disagree with that afghanistan american troops are involved they are getting killed and we don't care about that. >> 10 years old. beginning of the afghan war lots of coverage. once it begins to get 10 or 12 years old it's the same story. >> that's right. it doesn't amuse us or entertain us. >> you were at cbs news when tv was invented. >> that was in the necessary. >> godfrey, a few muppets. you can then bring, did it used to when chron sciatic was there and all of this
8:43 pm
business, murrow, was there more of an appetite in the american public back in the 50s and 60's than now? >> he yes. i will give you two reasons, i think. one is despite the fact that we live in an information age, i mean, there is far more outlets for news today than when i worked for walter cronkite. in a lot of ways we are shallower than we used to be. we are more interested in being sociable for social media, for instance, than we are with being knowledgeable. so, i think a lot of americans don't know much about america and don't care as much as we used to. if we don't care about america we sure aren't going to care about the ukraine. >> i have theory about that when my father went to world war ii as a naval officer in the pacific, my whole family was galvanized around what
8:44 pm
was happening in this country. we had to defeat japan. we had to defeat germany. so there was this tremendous emotion invested. people putting their lives on the line. our military forces. everybody was involved. people back home. people over there once the war ended, that emotion didn't end. so that the people took more of an interest in their country and what was happening overseas than here and there because that was inculcated in them by world war ii. and that's why they call it the greatest generation, the sacrifices were tremendous. once you get away from that mass event. the further away you go and you become safe and secure and that -- in 2001 that attack that jolted us out of there a little bit. but now we are back there. >> right. >> that's my theory on it. >> no. i think that's a good theory. add to that, that over the years news organizations, the ones that we work for, for instance, at the broadcast networks have
8:45 pm
closed down a lot of bureaus overseas. so this is a chicken and egg argument. do we have less interest in foreign news today because the networks are covering less foreign news or are they covering less foreign news because they know we have less interest in foreign news? >> it's the latter and they take as you know surveys and they take all kinds of things. it's the latter. but they used to not care. see, when i covered the el salvador war, nobody cared what was happening down there but they covered it anyway. now they don't do it because they want to make more money. bernie goldberg, everybody. there is he. watters on deck. the surfer dude on food stamps. jesse tracked him down in san diego. we will have it for you next. your hepatitis c.forget
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back of the book segment tonight. food stamps and some who are abusing them. the year 2000, the feds spent a little more than $17 billion own providing food stamps for millions of americans. last year the number had risen to almost 80 billion. a collosal jump. under president obama the cost for food stamps has doubled for the taxpayer. profile the man jason greenslate. 29 years old lives in los angeles. member of a band. sometimes buys lobsters with the monthly food stamps he receives. he does not have a straight job. while we were out in l.a. last week, we sent jesse watts to track down this guy. he is in san diego to see how the self-described surfer dude is doing. ♪
8:50 pm
>> all right, jay, so what is in on the agenda here. >> go to the shop. check out some girls. >> got the escalade. going to the strip club on goin food stamps, free gear, who does this look like to most people? >> looks like a good time, man, you can portray it however you want. but you know when it comes down to things we're all about playing music. >> playing your music is a job, that is your job, not a hobby? >> no, that is my job, that is my goal and i definitely want money to start flowing in. >> how do you think you're contributing to the country right now. >> i bring smiles to a lot of people with my music, you know. >> do you understand why people may not agree with your situation? >> just because my job is a little cooler than your job, and people are a little bit more jealous than anything, i think
8:51 pm
the food stamps gives me an opportunity to focus more on a career. you can't really survive on a minimum wage job. i mean, those places are expensive. >> a lot of people do survive on minimum wage, are you still eating lobster with the food stamps? >> if it is on sale, i'll eat whatever is on sale. >> now, you're an able-bodied guy, healthy, you can work. do you think you're gaming the system? >> no, why would i be gaming the system, i fit in the qualifications. >> just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should do something. now, some people say listen, you're a mooch. >> obviously, they don't know me. because anybody that knows me, i mean, i'll give you the shirt off my back. >> do you know how much debt america is in right now? >> no. >> $17 trillion. do you think you taking food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is. >> wait -- do i have to
8:52 pm
apologize the way the system is set up? i don't feel i need to apologize for it. it is just the way you're wording it kind of seems like i'm getting kind of like the ruler on the hand, you know? >> how much money do you expect to make in your music career? >> millions and millions of dollars, man. >> are you serious? >> yeah, of course, i wouldn't be doing it. >> next year, are you going to be on food stamps? >> i sure hope not, man, if everything is planned out right i should be off food stamps in a month. >> how proud to be an american are you? >> very proud. >> why? >> well, look at all the great things. i'm getting help when i need it. come to one of our shows, man, they will even come, too. >> all right, a bit of history now. this guy, i called him a parasite. was he aware of that? >> yeah, he said kiss my
8:53 pm
something. >> right, even though i did call him a parasite, he did the interview with you. >> because he wants publicity. two t's, rat life. >> and when i called him a parasite, the msnbc people said i called everybody a parasite on food stamps. i believe there are some people like this, but not everybody. >> no, i mean listen, you don't have to do anything to get food stamps in california, you show up, prove you live in san diego. have your birth certificate and that is it. >> that is it. >> that is it, and so you can get a pin and sell that ebt card to anybody you want. >> how much money does he get? >> he gets $190 a month. >> he can't buy cigarettes with that. >> no, he can't buy cigarettes with that. he does like to drink, so he buys -- >> does he buy booze with that? >> i'm going to let you assume there was alcohol in that cup. >> i don't want to blow up his
8:54 pm
spot, but he did pour booze into the cup. he is gavie i gaming the system doesn't see it that way. >> no, no, no, he, as nancy pelosi said is following his passion, and of course, we should pay for that. >> right, if everybody did that, the country would implode. >> and very [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom. we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. [ mthat if you wear a partial,w you're almost twice as likely
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factor tip of the day, how i spent the morning in san diego in a moment. but first, how the fisher house situation will end, i signed a unique item, one of a kind, my interview with president obama. if you would like a note suitable for framing, $25 gets that. now, burbank, california, o'reilly, were you wearing a skirt when you interviewed
8:57 pm
darryl hannah about the keystone pipeline? she walked all over you. and i'm sure ms. hannah means well, but she appears not to understand reality. canada is going to produce it. thanks for giving darryl her say. right and correct reporting. and i can't really disagree with being scolded by a new yorker about taxes, takes some cajones, i was not scolding, just reporting. lance robins, los angeles, you and laura are all wet when you talk about the pressure young women must feel when they watch the sports illustrated edition. did they feel pressure when they watched the game? different game, lance, different game, young girls are all very conscious about looks.
8:58 pm
i have nothing against si, but the issue is a balanced one. looked more like the bare butt edition, glad to hear laura speak up against the sleazy covers. and enjoyed seeing you and miller in san diego, your in-depth analysis of the country insures you are looking out for the folks, well, i'm glad you had a good time, grand rapids, dakota, fargo in july. those shows will likely sell out so please go to billo' and finally, the tip of the day as mentioned in san diego i greeted wounded vets and police officers who are receiving new track chairs. san diego's big military area, a
8:59 pm
a -- and there were a number of charities we were able to help out. track chairs are phenomenal. one paralyzed vet from the waist down can now stand up and play golf. and one is getting married in the summer because the chairs can go anywhere. i mentioned this because we're all in this together. if we can help the severely wounded who fought for us we should. please check out the and see if you can help. would be an honor, thank you for joining us, we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world, o'reil o' word of the day, no umbrage when writer to the factor. and mad as hell @ fox, i know we're giving you a lot of addresses and e-mails.
9:00 pm
i don't want you to get addicted to the e-mail but use it for the purpose of good. again, thank you for joining us tonight. ms. megyn is next, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out. i'm megyn kelly live in new york city. and tonight. the "the washington post" hits the president again. see what earned him the dread e by nnokno pinoccios this time. and see how this fight with the doctors ended with mom literally on the stretcher. and then? >> my insurance was cancelled because of obamacare. >> we showed you the political ad and we talked with the patients. >> i thought obamacare was supposed to help me. it is not helping me. >> now, a new


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